Indigenize Milwaukee Mapping Project

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Indigenous Milwaukee Walk & Bike Tour

Self-guided Indigenous Milwaukee Walk & Bike Tours, a collaboration between Historic Milwaukee, Inc. and Marquette University’s Indigeneity Lab, are now available for download via the free Historic Milwaukee Inc. app

About the project

The intention of the Indigenize Milwaukee Mapping Project combines historical research and digital humanities tools to create an interactive virtual map of the greater Milwaukee area that will return and transform the many spaces and places of Milwaukee into an Indigenous space and place. This map takes present-day locations to illustrate their Indigenous roots, as well as their continued shaping by Milwaukee’s Indigenous community today. While in the formative stages, the students, with their faculty mentor, have identified 136 spaces and places in Milwaukee to be “Indigenized” and in multifaceted, multi-medium ways. The effort foregrounds the knowledge that even before it was named, the city of Milwaukee has been and continues to be home to a vibrant community of Indigenous Peoples from throughout North America.

The Indigenize Milwaukee Map is an interactive map based on Leaflet Storymap with Google Sheets templates and github. The content is generated by Marquette University Students and based on both archival and current information about Native American life in Milwaukee, both past and present.

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